Donald Trump Lies About Not Leaving The White House ‘In Months’ Despite Holding Rallies In February And March And Social Media Claps Back!

The President went as far as to claim that he hadn’t left the White House for months amid the quarantine even though it’s public knowledge he definitely has! Donald Trump held several rallies back in February and March and people on social media were quick to roast him for the lies.
The POTUS is known for always making all kinds of outlandish claims but he seems yet to realize just how easy to disprove they are.
That being said, during his April White House coronavirus, COVID-19 update, he claimed that he’s been stuck there for months, playing his part in trying to flatten the curve and stop the spread of the pandemic.
Obviously, it did not take long before social media users flooded Twitter with mocking posts, reminding him of all the rallies he definitely held out of the White House not even two months ago!
But before social media could mock him for his lies, PBS News Hour’s Yamiche Alcindor reminded him how little he did in February to stop the spread in America.
This prompted Trump to argue that ‘I did take it very seriously.’
She reminded him that ‘You held rallies in February and March and there are some Americans who say…’
At this point she got cut off, the President insisting that ‘I don’t know about rallies. I really don’t know about that. I know one thing. I have not left the White House in months except to give a wonderful ship The Comfort…’
Yamiche did not give up, reminding him that he did hold a rally even in March, Trump once again struggling to remember: ‘Did I hold a rally? I’m sorry I held a rally. Did I hold a rally? Let me just tell you, in January when I did this, we had virtually zero cases and no deaths.’
.@Yamiche: A man said his entire family got sick because they listened to you and didn't stay home. Are you concerned that downplaying the virus got people sick?

Trump: "A lot of people love Trump, right?"
Also Trump getting caught in a lie is pretty amazing to watch.

Trump: "I haven't left the White House in months." @Yamiche: "You held a rally in March."
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It’s safe to say that Twitter had a field day with his answers!

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