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The former POTUS appeared in Michael Jordan’s documentary ‘The Last Dance’ for a bit and he was credited as ‘Former Chicago Resident,’ something that confused a lot of people! Barack Obama has accomplished a lot of things in his life, being the President of the United States being perhaps probably the most notable.
That being said, his brief appearance in the doc and the way he was credited caused quite the freak out on social media.
Of course, Chicago was his home for many years, but that title just caused Twitter to explode with reactions.
my new goal in life is to meet the person who decided Barack Obama would be "Former Chicago Resident"
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Here are a few of the tweets about it: ‘I’d like a history about who and how they decided to give Obama the ‘former Chicago resident’ label.’ / ‘My new goal in life is to meet the person who decided Barack Obama would be ‘Former Chicago Resident.’ / ‘Former Chicago Resident’ is easily the funniest chyron in existence for Barack Obama.’ / ‘They did not just label MY PRESIDENT as ‘former Chicago resident.’
And that was not even the only questionable label they gave someone in the credits for the documentary’s premiere.
As it turns out, they also avoided referring to Bill Clinton as the former President as well, calling him instead: ‘Former Arkansas Governor,’ a position he did hold before becoming President.
Still, while not his biggest accomplishment, he was at least referred to by a title unlike Obama who was just a ‘resident’ of Chicago.
‘Why Bill Clinton get to be ‘former Arkansas governor’ but Obama was a former Chicago resident’???’ one user wondered.

As for Barack’s appearance in the documentary, he praises the basketball player saying that ‘When Michael first came to town [Chicago], I didn’t have the money to buy tickets to a Bulls game. Even the discount ones back then I was pretty broke. But suddenly you have a sports star that puts Chicago on the map and whom everybody is able to rally around.’

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