Gospel Singer SASOO YBT Soon To Give Established Colleague A Run For Their Salvation

Born John Kamasoo Mutulu and raised in Kitui, Sasoo YBT boasts of a deep lyrical songwriter and performer having subscribed to gospel artiste Danco.
His passion in music began way back in primary four where he would tease to a piano session regularly especially at his homegrown Kasyala Full Gospel Church Kitui.
By the time he got to form one he was convinced a star had began to shine in him and therefore chose the path of music and songwriting.
Sasoo attributes his creativity to his high school performances for his friends and would gradually be a household name in school owing to his energetic and powerful performances on Sunday Christian Union Services.
Under the shadow of Danco ,a name his peers baptised him with owing to his liking for the latter’s music Sasoo learnt and improved on his art day by day.
Speaking of professionalism, Sasoo YBT officially launched his music career in 2015.
You will admit with me that if anything is to go by,his latest music MUNGU AKISEMA done under the gifted hands of Agusto and video shot by Brax Lion of Billionaire Studios, is a tune you cannot undermine .
Going by the trends in the game today MUNGU Akisema will give liverage to yet another star in the making ,if not, a great Gospel minister so to say.
Sasoo has one marvelous dream to archieve and that is his plan to support talented kids through the YBT family,an organization I he plans on actively fronting in the near future.

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